Abracadabra! (2020)

for solo accordion

first performance by Sini Ström, 20.9.2021, Sibelius Academy concert hall, Helsinki


Ritualul tăcerii (2015)

for electric bass and electronics

performance by Sebastian Dumitrescu, 1.10.2019, Malmi-talo small hall, Helsinki


Inveniendum (2020)

for MIDI-controlled 31-tone Fokker organ

first performance 11.7.2021, Muziekgebouw small hall, Amsterdam

strong winds overlooking a cliff face (2018)

for fixed media

first performance 3.12.2018, Ears open society concert, Hakasalmen huvila, Helsinki


Kaikujen vaellus (2017)

for kantele and live electronics

first performance by Eva Alkula, 11.11.2017, Music Centre Camerata hall, Helsinki


link to video

double pendulum (2015)

for quarter-tone ensemble

performance by MikroEnsemble, 1.10.2016, Music Centre Sonore hall, Helsinki

Sebastian Dumitrescu, composer